Gretchen Jacobs

Lobbyist. Lawyer. Oxford-educated scholar. Arizonan. Mother. Gretchen Jacobs is all those things, and then some. With a degree in political science from USC and a law degree from Santa Clara, Gretchen spent the first part of her career in civil courtrooms, then shifted from the courtroom to the political arena in 1998. Ever since, her lobbying career has been defined by a few key points: Trust, Determination, Focus and Relationships.

From clients whose interests relate to healthcare to education to technology, Gretchen's approach combines aggressive smarts and dogged coalition building to get results. What's equally important is that Gretchen pursues your goals in a way that flies in the face of Ivins' rules: she's comfortable not getting the spotlight and not making much noise, so long as she gets done what your business needs done. If what your business needs is political success without grandstanding, then Arizona Governmental Affairs is for you.